Death Metal from the North!


Still alive

Yes, Cadaverize is still alive even though we’ve been a little malnourished this last year. No new info regarding a new drummer and I guess we haven’t been that active in trying to find one. But, I’m more than happy to inform you that Chris has written a couple of kickass songs that will appear on the next recording (which we’re planning as a full length!). I know that we have 2-3 songs more or less done but there might be more as we have some old sketches laying around. We don’t have a date set for recording as we’re in no rush. It’ll happen when we’re satisfied and we feel that we are ready for it, either with a new drummer, a session drummer or programmed drums.

On a side note – I’ve decided to get my own server at home. It’s not up and running as there still is some parts missing. When I’ve gotten to it I will migrate the Cadaverize website and rebuild it from scratch.

Big setback

As I’ve mentioned earlier we’ve been writing and rehearsing some new songs. In my previous post I wrote that we didn’t know when the next recording session will be held. About a month ago we decided that we would record a couple of songs, one new, one old and a cover, during the month of July. Unfortunately Wege called us about a week ago and told us that he would put all drumming on hold for the time being. He has been lacking the motivation to play the drums for some time and ultimately decided that it would  be better to quit the band. There’s no hard feelings between us and we’re still good friends. Who knows, maybe he’ll find the passion to play some old school death metal again someday?

All this has put us in the position that it would be best to put the recordings on hold while we think about what to do next.


Chris is on fire!

Well, not really, but the last couple of days he has sent me some demo tracks (guitar, bass and programmed drums) that sounds absolutely amazing. I can promise you that our next record will be fucking great. We won’t be able to record anything for a while (range: 3 months -> 1 year ?) but when we do we will have a bunch of songs that we can choose from. To clarify: We haven’t started planning anything about the recording. But one thing I can say for sure, I don’t think I’m the only one too feel an itch in “the recording fingers”.

So that’s it for the time being.

// Pete

So, what’s happening?

Not much is happening at the moment. I haven’t been updating this website that much lately because of a number of things. 6 months ago I started developing a new website. It’s not finished but as soon as I had a website that was “okay” I put the project on hold. When I’ve finished all my studies I will resume the work on it. Second, we have posted most updates on our facebook page. No major updates of course, but some smaller ones to tell you guys about the progress in the songwriting process. We have a couple of tracks that are finished but we’re thinking about recording a full-length album instead of a demo which means that we will need a couple of more tracks before we start recording. I talked to Christoffer the other day and he told me the rehearsals are coming along quite nicely. We have progressed pretty slow the last year but I think that we soon will have more time for this.

So, when will we start recording? No idea actually. If it was possible I would start recording immediatly, but that’s not gonna happen. When we got all the songs done we’ll start discussing this matter.

I will try to be better to update this site even after I resume the work on the new one. I will keep you posted on all the band related news.

“Number of the compilation”

Today I got the confirmation that we will be included in the “Number of the compilation”. It’s a compilation that will consist of 666 songs by 666 bands and it will be released digitally through torrents (for free of course) by Nefarious Realm. We will be contributing with the song “Gargled Screams” from our latest demo. As of now they have managed to fill 171 spots and as soon as they manage to fill 600 spots they will set a release date. If you got a band, contribute with a song! And for those of you who aren’t in a band, support the bands by downloading the compilation when it gets released.

Archives with the two demos

Sometimes I actually feel kinda retarded. This is one of those times. As WordPress doesn’t support certain file formats (as zip and so on) we haven’t uploaded any archives with the entire demos. Today I realized that I could just use the public function in Dropbox and upload them that way (I don’t trust regular file-upload sites as files tend to get deleted after a while). The zip-archives contains all the songs and also the covers.

Links to the CD’s in zip-archives:
Dominate In Carnage
Depictions of Gore

Cover and the rest of the songs as free downloads..

Recently we received the finished cover from Daniel “Devilish” Johnsson. We would like to thank him for this awesome piece of art. We’ve also decided that we should release the latest demo for free on this website. Said and done, the songs are available for download through the “Discography”-section, just like the other demo.
We still haven’t decided on what our next project should be, if it should be one more demo, EP or a full-length. Since my last post I’ve received a couple of more songs from Cristoffer. They truly sound awesome and I hope we’re able to start rehearsing these songs soon.

Well, I don’t think that I’ve got that much more to say at the moment. Now you should stop reading this and instead go download the fucking songs!

For those of you that prefer to stream music from sites like youtube and such, listen to the demo on our youtube channel.